His crazy success in the English show “Britain’s Got Talent”

MB14, whose real name is Mohamed Belkir, made himself known during the TF1 show “The Voice” season 5. Already at that time, he was able to impress viewers who were left speechless by this BeatBox performance and his impressive voice. The French rapper and BeatBoxer decided this weekend to conquer the hearts of the English by appearing on the show “Britain’s Got Talent”. During this appearance, the man who also played in the film “Tenor” impressed the jury so much that they decided to activate the golden buzzer, which allowed him to arrive directly in the semi-final of this competition. It is certain that seeing this artist on stage does not leave one indifferent.

VIDÉO. Le beatboxer français MB14 rafle un golden buzzer à l'émission « Britain's got talent »

The English presenters were impressed by this performance and did not fail to compliment the singer’s former protégé Mika. The jury spoke in turn:

“We’ve never had anyone like you on this show”, “Phenomenal”, “No matter where you come from, we should have heard of you by now.”, “I was literally hypnotized. That’s the power of music,” “incredible.”

The one who was crowned BeatBox world champion in 2018 was able to captivate the British public, another great victory. The young man who has an extraordinary technique will perhaps succeed in completely conquering the hearts of the English and winning the final of this show, in any case we hope and we believe in it. To be continued…



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