From the initial notes, the jury swiveled their seats, recognizing the emergence of a newfound star.

When an aspiring vocal virtuoso aims to unveil their full range, there’s a certain song destined to resonate with every soul. The lyrics of “Hallelujah” intricately touch the depths of our being, while the unhurried, soothing melody offers solace to our minds. Picture this scene elevated to perfection – imagine an ethereal serenade, as if a celestial being descended to grace us with a performance.

Such a celestial moment materialized when a remarkably gifted young artist, known mysteriously as Mennel, took the stage on La Voz France to interpret this timeless anthem. Mennel’s mystique is nothing short of enchanting; it’s impossible not to be captivated by her presence. A judge, swept away by the purity of Mennel’s angelic tones, eagerly pressed the red button mere moments into her performance. Witnessing the cherubic face behind the voice, the judge couldn’t help but feel that a heavenly emissary had blessed the stage. Now, the anticipation builds as everyone eagerly awaits Mennel’s unexpected interpretation of this Leonard Cohen classic.

Mennel’s distinctive vocal style is poised to steal hearts. Instead of adorning herself in the trappings of a typical pop diva, this captivating young woman chose to showcase her innate beauty. A simple scarf adorned her hair, accentuating her mesmerizing blue eyes. This minimalist elegance not only amplified the girl’s sweet voice but also invited the audience to immerse themselves in the delightful symphony enveloping the room.


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