“I’ve reached my limit”: the canine companion “let loose” while strolling, eliciting laughter from onlookers.

Canine companions adore strolls, willingly embracing the outdoors for extended periods. Nevertheless, when the temperature rises, their energy dwindles swiftly, leading to unexpected pauses in the midst of a walk, much like the fluffy protagonist showcased in the KotoDog Telegram channel’s latest video.


Exhausted beyond measure, the dog opted to sprawl on the pavement, belly up, casting a glance at its owner that conveyed a clear message: “I’ve reached my limit; I’m not budging any farther.” Bystanders found great amusement in the dog’s fatigue, although a few seemed taken aback by its unconventional behavior.

The wearied dog became a source of online amusement as social media users joined in the fun. “Ahh, the moment the battery runs out.”
“Poor thing, likely drained from the heat.”
“Ha-hah, that’s a wrap; the owner can now enjoy a solitary walk.”
“What an adorable dog, but it seems like he’s craving a drink. Let’s offer him some water.”


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