Mom chose to let her child’s locks flow freely, and by the tender age of 8, he gained celebrity status, all thanks to his distinctive and eye-catching hairstyle.

Farouk hails from the United Kingdom, and his journey into the limelight began at the tender age of 2 when his lush locks caught everyone’s attention. Initially, his mom thought of taking him to the hairdresser, but a fateful incident altered the course of their lives.

Recounting the pivotal moment, Bonnie shares, “Once, when Faruk and I were at the grocery store, a woman snapped a photo of my son and posted it online. Initially, I was displeased, but reading the comments beneath the post left me bewildered. People were enamored by Farouk’s hair, expressing their desire for such curls.”

In response, Bonnie decided to create an Instagram account for her son, sharing all the snapshots she had on her phone. Within the first month, nearly 5,000 individuals subscribed to Farouk’s account. By the age of 5, he received an invitation to his inaugural fashion show in New York, sponsored entirely by the fashion agency – covering flights, accommodation, meals, shopping, and even gifting Farouk and his mother bags from the latest Louis Vuitton collection.

Today, Farouk stands as a model for renowned brands and has graced the screens in shampoo commercials. Bonnie personally takes charge of maintaining her son’s distinctive curls, ensuring they stay healthy and well-groomed. Despite the challenges posed by their curly nature, with a length surpassing 60 centimeters, there are no plans to trim them. Presently, Farouk’s Instagram account boasts several hundred thousand subscribers who shower him with love and positive comments.

Here’s to wishing this charming boy continued success on his journey!

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