Over the course of twelve months, the family diligently laid concrete for a structure on their premises, yet no visible edifice emerged.

The innate creativity of the human mind perpetually seeks to birth something remarkably exquisite and innovative. Traditionally, our appreciation has been reserved for ancient relics like columns, monuments, estates, and palaces, perceiving them as unique. However, the contemporary world harbors numerous marvels and eccentricities. Among these creations stands a remarkable feat – an underground dwelling concealed both from aerial and terrestrial perspectives. Motivated by a profound love for ecology and hang gliding, a family aspired to fashion a home seamlessly integrated into nature.

Turning to the acclaimed architect Franchesco Pardou, celebrated for his opulent designs, the family entrusted him with the task of materializing their vision. Choosing a tranquil locale near Mexico City amidst a grove of fruit trees with a mountainous backdrop, Pardou embarked on the project.

Dubbed the “House of Attorneys,” the villa spans 442 square meters, encompassing two bedrooms, a guest room, two offices, and various spaces for familial gatherings. Concealed beneath a ceiling adorned with four skylights and crowned with vegetation, the structure cleverly preserves the surrounding orchard. For a considerable duration, the house eluded public scrutiny until the inquisitive locals discerned a consistent influx of construction materials, sparking intrigue about the concealed marvel taking shape. Swiftly gaining not just local but global acclaim, the peculiar abode became a sought-after destination for tourists and spectators alike.

Despite the widespread recognition, the owners, leading separate lives, harbor mixed sentiments about their home’s popularity. The House of Attorneys has become a focal point in architectural discussions, prominently featured in publications and websites delving into diverse architectural styles and structures.


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