The gentleman selects a whopping 23 dishes from the rural buffet establishment. Eventually, he receives a request to depart from the restaurant.

The establishment featured an enticing “all-you-can-eat” deal for a fixed price. As the staff noticed the man’s insatiable appetite, they politely requested him to vacate the premises.

A gentleman was brought to a Sao Paulo buffet in Brazil, where he indulged in a feast, devouring 15 pasta dishes and ordering an additional 8. Seated with a group of companions, he took advantage of the restaurant’s promotion, offering unlimited dining for 19.90 reais. Despite the promotional claim of “All you want to eat,” the restaurant struggled to keep up with the customer’s voracious appetite.

After enjoying 15 plates of pasta, Joa beckoned the waiter, not to settle the bill but to request “eight more plates, maybe?” This included four servings of lasagna and four more of gnocchi. Explaining his choice, Joa mentioned discovering the restaurant due to its affordable a la carte pasta dishes priced at 19.90 reais.

The man, accustomed to physical exertion from working on construction sites, shocked the waiter, who initially doubted he could consume everything ordered. The waiter even warned about an additional charge if the meal went unfinished. Undeterred, Joa, without tasting his initial serving, ordered five more dishes, including three stuffed gnocchi and two noodle dishes. Despite the astonishment, the man devoured everything and requested eight more plates.

Perceiving peculiar behavior from the staff, Jo noticed the waiter’s reluctance, who had already consumed eight donuts earlier that day. This revelation prompted the manager to intervene and request the man to leave. Displeased, Jo recorded the incident, and the video gained widespread attention on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. The restaurant asserted that João was a frequent patron, suggesting the event was a staged content creation for his social media. Nevertheless, the restaurant faced criticism, leading to an invitation for João to return. In total, he consumed a staggering 35 dishes, humorously attributing it to the “result of being allowed to eat whatever I want.”



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