The priciest indoor mobile residence on the market. Featuring a built-in garage and an interior reminiscent of a luxurious superyacht.

Azimuth Yachts, a pioneering yacht construction company, has unveiled an innovative marvel in the automotive realm – the Dembell Land Yacht, marking a departure from their traditional yacht-centric portfolio. Transforming the conventional notion of recreational vehicles, this opulent RV from Azimuth has garnered widespread attention for its unprecedented features. Elevating the travel experience, passengers are immersed in unparalleled comfort within a mobile haven that redefines luxury.

Crafted on a Mercedes base, the Dembell Land Yacht proudly boasts the title of the world’s most expensive mobile residence. The lavish interior encompasses bedrooms equipped with individual sound systems and plush double beds, a sophisticated living area, a fully appointed bathroom with a shower, a recreational games room, a cinematic retreat, and even a dedicated massage center.

A distinctive feature of the Land Yacht is its ingenious car garage, allowing effortless accommodation of any car, with the exception of jeeps. Navigating the vehicle becomes a pleasure, particularly in the region where it’s stationed, given its hefty build. Once popular mainly among retirees seeking leisurely travel, mobile homes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among younger individuals and families who prioritize exploration over long-term settling.

This visionary Land Yacht caters to this evolving demographic. Beyond its lavish interiors, the eco-conscious design incorporates solar panels, a clean water tank, an on-board generator, and an environmentally friendly toilet. The solar battery system not only conserves fuel but also addresses contemporary concerns about air pollution.

The creators emphasize that their initiative extends beyond mere investment, aiming to contribute solutions to societal challenges. In a time when many individuals are actively pursuing change and engaging in new research, the Dembell Land Yacht emerges as a symbol of pleasant and sustainable transportation. While not officially released to the market, reports suggest that the initial supply of this groundbreaking mobile residence is already in high demand.



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