A couple acquired this rustic residence, and within a few months, they transformed it into the type of home that becomes a captivating feature in magazines.

After an extensive six-month quest for an affordable apartment in a typical neighborhood proved fruitless, the couple opted for an unconventional approach. Rather than settling for a conventional residence, they made a bold decision to purchase an abandoned stable, eliciting skepticism from many friends. Despite initial reservations, within just a year, the dilapidated structure underwent a remarkable transformation, gracing the pages of a renowned fashion design magazine.

The decision to acquire the decrepit stable, however, was a calculated one. Carlo Alonso and his wife Amina, co-owners of a flourishing architecture firm, possessed a track record of successfully converting industrial spaces into residences. Their latest endeavor was set amidst the picturesque mountainous landscape of Extremadura. At the time of acquisition, the structure merely consisted of stone walls and a roof.

Captivated by the advantageous location on a sunlit slope, the Alonsos strategically divided the house into two floors. The ground level now boasts a spacious living room, two bedrooms with separate quarters, and a well-appointed bathroom. Excavating a passage beneath a unique outbuilding within the hill required minor earthworks. Upstairs, two additional bedrooms, a designated children’s room, and another bathroom complete the transformation. Embracing sustainability, the house relies entirely on solar power, supplemented by a diesel generator in the basement as a precautionary measure.

The extensive renovation included the addition of expansive windows and a reshaping of the stable’s original structure. Protective shutters now secure sliding doors, transforming the residence into a personalized fortress, as revealed by Alonso during interviews. Despite the success story, the architects caution against such ambitious projects for novices, emphasizing the intricate challenges inherent in reconstructing buildings without prior experience.



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