A man found a box on the mountain, which turned out to have fallen from a plane 50 years ago. He opened the box and got rich

A daring adventurer triumphed over Mont Blanc, scaling its towering heights at 4,800 meters. To his astonishment, amidst the icy terrain, he spotted an object resembling a box.

Upon prying it open, he discovered a trove of precious stones nestled within the rusty container. Intrigued by the mystery of its elevated appearance, the mountaineer descended to delve into archives, swiftly deducing that the box had plummeted from a plane lost to the mountains over 50 years ago. The inscription “made in India” became the trail marker, leading the climber to the plane’s historical path. Historical records revealed the disappearance of an Indian aircraft in 1966 over the very region of the Alps.

Rather than hoarding the discovered wealth, the noble Frenchman, true to his character, surrendered the box to the authorities. Local officials diligently adhered to the law, attempting for eight years to trace the rightful owner or their descendants. Alas, their efforts were in vain. Following the established protocols, the authorities of Chamonix, the town nestled by Mont Blanc, divided the find with the mountaineer. Each share amounted to approximately 150,000 euros, equivalent to 12 million rubles.

The unearthing of this mountain treasure captured the imagination of the public. Treasure seekers flocked to Mont Blanc, eager to claim their piece of the newfound wealth.



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