A retiree, skillfully maneuvers a car into a tight parking space without a single scratch on the paint captured on video.

For an unbroken span of 30 years, a Belgian retiree has consistently nestled his car into what can only be described as a garage resembling a narrow gap. The prowess displayed in a viral video showcasing his impeccable parking skills has thrust him into the limelight. Curiosity abounds as users endeavor to unravel the mysteries: How does a man seamlessly slot his car into a space merely 6 centimeters wider than the vehicle itself? And, equally intriguing, how does he extract himself when all doors must snugly rest against the walls?

Eugene Breinaert, an 87-year-old, has long been an adept practitioner of this unique parking style. A keen-eyed neighbor fortuitously captured the routine on video, drawing the attention of the media who sought a glimpse into the pensioner’s remarkable feat.

In response to the burgeoning interest, Eugene elucidated that his vehicle, an aging Fiat Panda, measured 1.49 meters in width, while his garage afforded a mere 1.55 meters in width. This leaves the retiree with a mere 3 centimeters of leeway on each side. The balletic act of parking is nothing short of mesmerizing. With the Fiat meticulously angled, Eugene glides effortlessly into the confined garage, steering clear of the walls, including the mirrors. His parking finale aligns precisely with the interior door leading to his residence.

Witness the dynamic display: The retiree, unfazed by the scarcity of parking in the city center, confidently contends that with practice, he can gracefully maneuver his car into any available space. Eugene’s car door swings open through the window, and with a deft pull, he gains access to his home, leaving onlookers captivated by his seasoned parking finesse.


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