A zebra broke free from the confines of the zoo, taking a leisurely stroll through the bustling city streets.

A zebra made a daring escape from a South Korean zoo this week, perhaps seeking a glimpse of freedom as it roamed through the nearby residential streets. The Grand Park Zoo in Seoul raised the alarm on March 30 when the zebra managed to breach a wooden fence, venturing out of its enclosure around 2:50 p.m. The spirited wanderer strolled through the adjacent residential area for approximately three hours before being noticed. Zoo authorities promptly sought the assistance of rescuers to safely apprehend the escapee.

The capture operation unfolded efficiently as rescuers employed a combination of fencing and muscle-relaxing darts to calm the runaway zebra. Loaded into a vehicle, the zebra, identified as Zero, born in the zoo in 2021, was safely transported back to her home at the zoo.

While Zero had been a resident at the zoo since birth and had not previously attempted any escapes, this time she seemingly yearned for a taste of liberty.

Now securely back within her enclosure, Zero’s escapade concluded without injuries, ensuring the safety of both the zebra and those involved in her retrieval, as confirmed by zoo officials.

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