In India, a mischievous monkey brought a playful puppy to the rooftop, leaving onlookers puzzled about the best way to assist the adorable duo.

Primates have long recognized the advantages of coexisting with humans, and nowhere is this more evident than in India, where the harmonious interaction between people and monkeys unfolds. These clever creatures skillfully infiltrate homes, seizing whatever piques their interest  be it sustenance, possessions, or even the company of dogs.

In a captivating video captured by Indian residents, a monkey was spotted cradling a puppy in its arms as it agilely traversed the rooftops. The sight left many pondering the curious alliance between monkeys and dogs.

The intelligence of monkeys is striking, and their deliberate choice to raise puppies becomes clearer upon closer examination. Contrary to causing harm, these primates shower their young with affection, ensuring their nourishment and safeguarding them from both fellow monkeys and potential predators.

Yet, their seemingly altruistic actions stem from self-interest. As the dogs mature, they assume the role of protectors for the monkey community. Faithfully trailing the troop, these canine companions ward off threats from the wild, allowing the monkeys to forage for sustenance undisturbed in their quest through garbage dumps.

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