The bovine began experiencing a decline in milk production, catching the attention of the farmer who observed her heading towards the forest each evening.

Scottish farmer Steve maintained a modest dairy cow ensemble. One peculiar day, Steve observed a significant drop in milk production from Lila, his usually prolific milker. Despite the veterinarian’s reassurance that the cow was in good health, Steve’s curiosity led him to investigate further, focusing on the cow’s excursions to the forest’s fringe during the evenings. Steve had the habit of guiding his cows to graze in a clearing near the woods.

Noticing Lila’s deviation from the herd, Steve discreetly trailed her. With cautious steps so as not to startle the cow, he found himself on a secluded clearing nestled among the trees. There, Lila stood, keeping a small secret hidden.

Approaching stealthily, Steve uncovered the mystery—a precious calf. It appeared that Lila had brought the calf to the clearing several weeks ago, as if attempting to shield it from human interference. It took Steve a mere ten minutes to fathom the nuances of the situation. The conventional practice on the farm involved separating calves from adults, eventually integrating them into a new herd.

Reflecting on the unexpected scenario, Steve shared with reporters, “It seems Leela wasn’t quite content with the usual routine.” Consequently, the farmer opted to reconsider and revise his approach to managing the farm, allowing the calf to stay with its mother, defying the conventional separation norm.


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