The disused power station faced imminent demolition until a daring couple stepped in and decided to purchase it.

A century-old power plant, initially slated for demolition, found a second chance when the Bartkevichus family chose it over a conventional apartment. Mark and Karen Bartkevichus, driven by Mark’s vision as a lead architect, recognized the untapped potential in the abandoned substation.

Overcoming legal hurdles and navigating the complexities of permits, the couple successfully acquired the station, perched atop a high hill with panoramic views of Launceston, mountains, and the Teimar River. Mark, determined to preserve its historic charm, envisioned a transformation that would blend modern living with the station’s heritage.

The meticulous year-long reconstruction resulted in a stunning house featured in glossy magazines. The spacious open kitchen and dining area, adorned with Tasmanian ebony stairs leading to the second floor, exemplify the careful restoration. The upper level boasts three bedrooms, a master dressing room, and a terrace with breathtaking views.

Designed for autonomy, the house seamlessly transitions to solar energy and operates independently of city utilities. Mark expressed the family’s satisfaction, noting that the entire venture cost nearly half a million dollars, a worthwhile investment given the limited options for such unique living spaces in Australia.

The Bartkevichus family acknowledged the challenges of the project, admitting it demanded considerable effort. Despite the hurdles, they embraced the journey, affirming that the extraordinary outcome justified the sacrifices made during the transformative process.

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