The refurbishment of Grandma’s former residence cost $16,000, resulting in its transformation into a stunning and cozy home.

What’s the tale behind the charming abode you call home? Our quaint dwelling has a history rooted in the 1980s, initially serving as a storage shed crafted by the hands of my husband’s grandparents. Left untouched for years, its dormant existence underwent a remarkable transformation in September 2020 when we decided to metamorphose it into our idyllic haven. Over the course of nine months, with the assistance of a local contractor, we undertook the task of renovating this petite dwelling, investing around 16k in the process.

Now, our family of four resides in this snug abode full-time. The motivation behind embracing tiny living stemmed from a desire to break free from the rental cycle and establish a space uniquely “ours.” Additionally, with our perpetual home undergoing renovations, living in the tiny house proved to be a cost-effective choice.

Having savored the joys of tiny living for a year and a half, our hearts are now set on transitioning to our forever home. Soon, the tiny house will be open for short-term rentals, allowing others to relish the charm we’ve cultivated. The journey of converting an aged storage shed into our dream home has been an adventure for which we remain eternally thankful.

Residing in the thriving vicinity of Round Top, Texas, we are surrounded by the bustling energy of the largest biannual antique show hosted by Round Top and Warrenton. Thousands of enthusiasts flock to this spectacle, and our locale, replete with short-term rentals, inspired us to share our tiny haven on Airbnb. The dream extends further with aspirations of fostering a small house community, envisioning 2-3 snug abodes nestled on a plot of land—one that, hopefully, materializes in the future.


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