“We anticipated a pedigreed Corgi”: Disheartened guardians ultimately abandoned their petite pup at a service station.

A compassionate volunteer stumbled upon an abandoned pup at a gas station. It turned out that the owners had grown disappointed due to the dog’s mixed heritage.

Fortuitously discovering a tattered carrier amidst discarded items and overgrown grass behind the station, the volunteer noticed its precarious state secured with tape. Within the crate, a frightened and whimpering dog revealed signs of malnourishment and dehydration.

Inquiring with the gas station staff about the puppy’s duration there, the volunteer received only bewilderment. Choosing to take the pup home due to the late hour, she carefully washed and fed the hungry canine, visibly showing the effects of confinement for an estimated two days. A note on the carrier, claiming the dog named Toshka was vaccinated and had specific dietary preferences, hinted at a failed attempt to match expectations.

The initial owner, obtaining the puppy from a shelter, had mistaken it for a Corgi, later realizing it was a mixed breed. Rejected by the shelter upon return, the owner contemplated euthanasia, finding it financially unviable. The subsequent day, the volunteer brought the pup to a vet, confirming suspicions of its small size and early weaning. Rescued from a pregnant mother arriving at the shelter, examinations revealed the pup’s health but highlighted the need for more nourishment and affection.

The same day, the volunteer brought the pup, now named Novy after a dedicated volunteer, to the animal shelter. Welcomed warmly, Novy displayed exceptional traits—affectionate, friendly, and surprisingly intelligent for his age. Despite his charming qualities, Novy consistently searched for his mother, leaving an endearing impression on those around him. Each action seemed to seek approval, as if silently asking, “Did I do it right?” The grateful volunteer, confident that Novy would astonish his future owners, felt blessed to have found such a special companion.

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