During the renovation of her dwelling, a woman stumbled upon a waterlogged access point. Following the waterlogged trail eventually unveiled a connection to the historic Underground Railroad.

Anna Poulos, hailing from the quaint town of Lansdowne, embarked on a mission to revamp the inherited ancestral home. Successfully updating the kitchen and several rooms, Anna’s renovation journey took an unexpected turn when she uncovered a concealed passageway beneath the floor. Armed with a camera and flashlight, Alexandra, intrigued by the mysterious find, ventured into the hidden passage, only to discover a genuine underground road dating back to 1830.

The stately mansion had been a cherished heirloom in Anna’s family, characterized by its classic colonial architecture. While municipal regulations prohibited alterations to the exterior facades of such buildings, the mansion’s interior cried out for restoration.

In her pursuit of restoration, Anna enlisted the help of a skilled team of workers. It was during this process that a peculiar trapdoor, encased in cement, was unearthed in the ancient basement. The astonishing revelation unfolded as Anna, accompanied by Luke, peered into the depths below, unveiling an authentic railway reminiscent of a gateway to an entirely different world.

In a state of disbelief, Anna recounted the discovery to the press, emphasizing the unexpected journey into the annals of history below her family home. As it turned out, the mansion was constructed directly above the renowned Underground Railroad—a covert system crucial for organizing the escape of African populations from the South to the North, active since 1830.

Motivated by the historical significance, Anna envisions transforming the first floor of the house into a museum. In doing so, she embraces her newfound role as a custodian of an integral chapter in the nation’s history.


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