The startled deer shattered the windowpane as it leaped into the house, landing gracefully on the bed just as the woman was in the midst of preparing dinner.

Jess Digby experienced an unexpected turn of events while at her Michigan home this week. Engaged in preparing dinner for her family in the kitchen, she was suddenly interrupted by a startling crackling noise.

Initially attributing it to her little girl in another room, Digby soon realized she was mistaken. Curiosity and concern led her to investigate, unveiling a surprising revelation:

“I hurried around the house to check on her – and bam! It was a deer,” Digby recounted. Somehow, a deer had crashed through the window into Digby’s house. In the chaos, it found its way into one of the children’s rooms, landing on the bed.

Despite the shattered glass and confined quarters, the deer seemed unharmed. Both the family and the unexpected guest appeared equally bewildered by the bizarre situation. Uncertain about how to handle the intruder, Digby’s husband sought assistance from the police.

Upon their arrival, they successfully and cautiously guided the deer out without causing additional harm, much to the relief of Digby and concerned neighbors watching from the front yard.

The liberated deer was once again in the wild.

“It was almost like a blessing,” Digby reflected. “As unusual and rare as this incident is, I consider us fortunate. The damage could have been much worse, and someone could have been injured. Plus, we made new acquaintances with our neighbors.”

Concluding with a lighthearted note, Digby remarked, “I hold no grudges against the deer. It’s truly not something you witness every day!”

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