A forsaken foal was discovered amidst the vast meadow. Presently, it basks in the comforting embrace of a teddy bear, ensuring that maternal warmth envelops its existence.

Upon a child’s birth, there exists no solace quite like the warm embrace of a mother. The same holds true for animals, yet sadly, in this tale, the foal missed out on that crucial warmth.

Meet Breeze, a diminutive pony deserted mere hours after entering the world.

The reasons behind his mother’s abandonment remain a mystery, but fortune smiled upon the forlorn foal when benevolent individuals stumbled upon him. Discovered in the heart of a meadow, they traced his aimless journey through the hills.

Assured of the absence of his mother, they whisked him away to a nearby shelter. Recognizing his need for companionship during recovery and growth, the volunteers ingeniously placed a sizable teddy bear in his quarters.

To Breeze’s delight, he developed an immediate affinity for the immense teddy bear, finding solace and companionship in its embrace.

Witness the endearing bond between these two in the attached video!

Let’s spread the goodwill of these compassionate individuals!

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