Eleven-year-old Georgia Blake delivered a stellar rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” that captivated the audience during her audition on “The Voice.”

Eleven-year-old German sensation, Georgia Blake, recently graced the stage for the blind auditions on the German edition of a popular talent show. Her rendition of the a cappella classic, “There’s a House in New Orleans…,” showcased her remarkable talent, prompting two judges to swiftly turn their chairs as she unleashed a bluesy growl and the opening lyrics.

As Georgia seamlessly transitioned into “House of the Rising Sun,” the remaining judges couldn’t resist the allure of her performance, completing the quartet of turned chairs. Throughout the rendition, Georgia’s lips formed a subtle half-smile, a testament to her poise and musical prowess.

Despite the mature themes inherent in the song, Georgia’s voice effortlessly embodied the soulful spirit, belying her young age. Initially taken aback, the audience erupted into applause as she concluded her performance, thoroughly impressed by the unexpected vocal prowess.

Amidst the jubilation of Georgia’s family and friends, the judges found themselves enraptured by her, treating her as a coveted prize. A particularly enamored judge even took to the stage, accompanying her on the piano for a heartfelt rendition of “Georgia on My Mind.”

The enthusiastic audience continued to applaud, setting the stage for another judge to serenade, singing, “I’m just calling to say I want you,” adding a delightful twist to an already mesmerizing audition.


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