Exploring the interior of an Italian home, available for just 1 euro – captured on video.

Approximately a decade ago, Italy initiated a pioneering initiative, offering homes for a mere 1 euro. Remarkably, the prices remain unchanged today. However, it’s worth noting that the majority of these properties are not in pristine condition.

An expert in real estate recently crafted a video providing a comprehensive glimpse into the interior of one such Italian house, showcasing its current state.

The bulk of these budget-friendly residences can be found in the province of Agrigento, situated along the picturesque Mediterranean coast. Although similar opportunities exist in various regions, a common thread ties them together – these houses are predominantly situated in secluded provinces, with no bustling cities in close proximity. These areas often resemble semi-deserted villages, and a typical street in these regions paints a vivid picture of the ambiance.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that each property enlisted in this program necessitates complete restoration. None of these buildings are available for purchase in an acceptable state; all demand extensive refurbishment. Furthermore, new owners are subjected to a mandatory obligation to undertake renovations within a stipulated timeframe, typically set at three years. Many of these structures have remained uninhabited for decades, succumbing to a state of disrepair.

Explore a brief visual journey through analogous houses in this video presentation:


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