The clever dachshund continuously found a way to escape from its enclosure, prompting individuals to install cameras in an attempt to decipher its cunning methods.

Mary Warwick found herself baffled by the persistent escape acts of a short-legged dachshund from a tall enclosure, a mystery that eluded her for three months. Despite larger dogs being unable to breach the fence, three-year-old Darcy managed the feat regularly, prompting Mary to give up her quest to understand and resort to installing a surveillance camera. The recorded footage finally unveiled the clever trick the diminutive dachshund had devised for its daring escapes.

Mary and her husband, Scott, lead busy lives, and to ensure their three dogs don’t roam freely through their spacious home, they set up a secure aviary in one of the rooms with a high door. While this arrangement suited the other dogs, Darcy proved to be the exception. After returning from work repeatedly to find Darcy in unexpected places, Mary and Scott observed her escape tactics, with the door height seemingly irrelevant.

Considering renaming Darcy to Houdini, Mary couldn’t comprehend how the dachshund managed to overcome the seemingly insurmountable barriers. The bars were too narrow for Darcy to climb through, and her diminutive size made it impossible to jump the increasing height of the door. In an attempt to unravel the mystery, Mary set up a camera, discovering that another dog, Branson, played a pivotal role. Branson approached the bars, allowing Darcy to leap onto his back before effortlessly scaling the enclosure.

Surprisingly, the other dogs showed no interest in escaping and simply observed Darcy’s escapades. In response, Mary and Scott decided to construct an even taller gate, curious to see how Darcy would tackle the new challenge.


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