Youngster Performs Melody for His Unique Sibling: Spontaneous Clips Swiftly Gain Online Popularity

A viral sensation unfolded when a heartfelt moment between two brothers, one with Down syndrome, captivated online audiences. Nicole Powell, the mother, spontaneously captured the touching scene, where six-year-old Reis cradled his newborn brother Tripp. Born with Down syndrome, Tripp spent initial weeks in intensive care.

The video, featuring Reis singing Justin Bieber and Dan’s “10,000 Hours,” garnered over a million views overnight after Nicole shared it on Facebook before heading to bed. The next morning, she was astonished to find the clip circulating widely across the internet.

Feelings, often deemed invisible, manifested visibly in the siblings’ bond. The lyrics, a translated version of the song’s chorus, resonated in the video:

“I would spend 10,000 hours with you and 10 more,
know your heart, which means so much to me.
I may not succeed, but I’ll try
even if it costs me 10,000 hours and my whole life.
I will always love you.”

This musical connection held a special place in the family’s heart. Reis, upon hearing a Bieber and Dan tune, would insist it was dedicated to his younger brother. The Powells, residing in Cabot, United States, have three additional children. During Tripp’s hospitalization, the family visited daily, with Reis faithfully attending to express his love for his little brother.


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