Behold, a magnificent sight from the 1970s: a sprawling mobile palace measuring 16.7 meters in length and weighing a grand 18 tonnes.

In the annals of American automotive history, a remarkable event unfolded when Bring a Trailer hosted an auction featuring a rare gem: the illustrious 1974 Ford Camelot Cruiser. Revered as the pinnacle of luxury motorhomes during its era, this opulent vehicle captured the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike with its unparalleled sophistication. The tantalizing details of this exceptional find were unveiled to eager bidders on the renowned auction website, sparking fervent anticipation and spirited bidding wars.

Distinguished by its exclusivity, only three Ford Camelot Cruisers were ever crafted, adding an aura of mystique to its already prestigious reputation. Crafted under the visionary guidance of Edler & Company, this marvel of engineering was meticulously constructed atop a robust Ford C-750 truck chassis, seamlessly melding power with elegance. Its expansive dimensions, stretching a commanding 16.7 meters in length and tipping the scales at a staggering 18 tons, underscored its grandiose presence on the open road.

Yet, such magnificence came at a price – a princely sum that reflected its unrivaled craftsmanship and luxury. With a hefty price tag of $150,000 at the time (equivalent to approximately $900,000 in today’s currency), the Ford Camelot Cruiser commanded admiration and envy in equal measure. Its plush interiors, lavish amenities, and bespoke features epitomized the epitome of extravagance, elevating the RV experience to unprecedented heights.

As collectors and enthusiasts vied for the chance to claim ownership of this automotive masterpiece, the auction unfolded as a spectacle of fervor and excitement. Each bid served as a testament to the enduring allure of the Ford Camelot Cruiser, a timeless symbol of automotive excellence and luxury that continues to captivate imaginations and inspire awe to this day.



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