They promptly escorted him from the shop, judging his appearance akin to that of a vagrant. What unfolded next left them utterly dumbfounded!

Since childhood, we’ve all been cautioned against judging others solely by their appearance, yet it’s a tendency difficult to shake. Each of us harbors our own set of prejudices, some more irrational than others, but some are burdened with an excess.

Our narrative unfolds in the vibrant streets of Thailand, where an elderly gentleman set out on a mission to purchase a motorcycle. Entering one of the local stores, he was promptly rebuffed and summarily ejected. To the shopkeepers, his attire appeared too disheveled, too “homeless” for their liking, prompting them to refuse him service. True, his T-shirt bore the stains of hard labor, his trousers weathered, and his footwear well-worn flip-flops, but such outward appearances hardly justified dismissal.

This man, known as Moši, had recently parted ways with his job as a car mechanic. However, what he did next would leave all witnesses utterly astounded.

Upon exiting the store, Moši nonchalantly retrieved a hefty sum of 600,000 baht from his pocket, equivalent to over 15,000 euros! The salesman stood dumbfounded, incredulous at the sight, yet it was too late. Moši had already set his sights on another establishment, his determination unswayed.

His name was Lung Decha, a testament to his lifetime of oil and perseverance. Day after day, he diligently repaired vehicles, yet he never possessed one of his own. After decades of diligent saving, Lung Decha finally realized his dream, his triumphant tale swiftly spreading like wildfire across the internet.

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