A couple unintentionally acquired a set of century-old ruins at an auction, showcasing images of their unexpected purchase.

“An apartment in the capital at such an appealing price? Let’s go for it!” – declared the newlyweds, oblivious to the colossal mistake they were about to make.

Upon reaching Scotland, Cal Hunter and Claire Seguerin were captivated by its everlasting beauty. Soon after, the couple made the impulsive decision to acquire a house in Glasgow, specifically an apartment featuring two separate bedrooms. In pursuit of a favorable deal, Cal attended an auction armed with a brochure detailing each lot, seated before a sizable screen displaying lot numbers and accompanying photos.

As Cal raised his hand to bid €35,000 for the desired apartment, he anticipated competition from other potential buyers. To his surprise, he found himself as the sole bidder, securing the property without any challenge. Cal later revealed to reporters, “The issue was that the auctioneer, speaking in a rapid Glaswegian accent, left me struggling to comprehend the details.”

The sequence of events unfolded rapidly. The screen lit up, Cal confirmed his bid, and the screen went dark. Suddenly, a stranger’s voice nearby exclaimed, “Hey man, did you even see what you bought?” It was then that Cal, to his dismay, realized he hadn’t acquired the dream apartment with his wife but rather a decrepit 120-year-old house in Dunoon, uninhabited for two decades. In a panic, he cross-checked the lot numbers on the brochure and the screen, acknowledging his error.

According to auction rules, he was now bound to the purchase and promptly shared the unsettling news with Claire, along with the geolocation of their unexpected “dream house.” Upon witnessing the building in person, their horror escalated. A “Danger of Collapse” sign adorned the front, debris scattered around, ceilings partially caved in, furniture covered in mold, and walls adorned with graffiti.

Devoid of water and electricity, the couple, realizing they only owned half the structure, spent six months acquiring the remaining portions. Commencing restoration in 2019, they temporarily resided in a nearby van. Brick by brick, Cal and Claire painstakingly reconstructed the dilapidated structure, facing numerous challenges but never regretting their choice to rejuvenate the dwelling.

“It’s a unique place. Given the circumstances, it’s the best I could have hoped for,” Cal remarked. While acknowledging months of hard work ahead, the couple remains steadfast in their belief that, one day, the house will embody their unimaginable dreams.

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