At the heart of the island lies a bustling town, offering the unique opportunity for all residents to secure a complimentary apartment of their own.

Just a short distance away from Nagasaki, a city notorious for its steep accommodation costs, the adventurer stumbled upon a desolate town nestled in the heart of an island. Surprisingly, the residences in this place are entirely unoccupied, with some still equipped with functional gas and heating facilities.

Approximately 70 years prior, Ikeshima Island boasted a starkly different landscape. The Japanese had unearthed a lucrative coal deposit, prompting the establishment of a thriving mining operation and the construction of an entire town around it.

The island became a magnet for inhabitants, initially drawn by the allure of substantial wages and later enticed by the community’s amenities. Comfortable residences, schools, hotels, a swimming pool, a cinema, and even a bowling alley adorned the island’s landscape.

However, fortunes took a drastic turn. By 2001, the demand for coal in the country had dwindled significantly. The mine shuttered its operations, and the populace dispersed to other settlements.

Since that pivotal moment, Ikeshima’s dwellings have remained eerily uninhabited. Remarkably well-preserved structures stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era. Presently, only a handful of residents call Ikeshima home, yet numerous vacant buildings remain connected to gas, water, and even electricity.

Curiously, local authorities exhibit no urgency in reviving the island. In essence, Ikeshima stands as an open invitation for anyone seeking a place to dwell, its dormant structures waiting for signs of life to return.


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