Having been raised by wolves in the forest for 12 years, the Spaniard struggled to adapt to civilization even after half a century had passed.

In 1965, Marcos encountered a bowl of soup for the first time. Despite being 19 years old, he had never experienced the act of dining at a table since childhood. Having spent twelve years in solitude atop the mountains, raised by actual wolves, readjusting to civilization proved to be a formidable challenge for Marcos.

At the age of six, Marcos was handed over to a farmer who transported him to the Sierra Morena mountains. Eventually left alone when the elderly man departed, Marcos had to acquire survival skills, learning to set partridge traps and fashioning a club.

Recalling his experiences, Marcos said, “The wild boars unearthed tubers, and I would drive them away to claim the spoils. I developed a unique connection with animals.”

Surviving in the mountains at such a young age would have been impossible without assistance, and Marcos found allies in the wolves. Once, he inadvertently entered a cave with wolf cubs, played with them, and drifted into slumber. When he awoke, he found a she-wolf holding meat between her teeth.

“The wolf didn’t perceive me as a threat. She was cautious, but eventually shared the meat with everyone. I became part of the pack,” recalled Marcos.

As time passed, the teenager’s communication skills devolved into a language of screams and growls. Marcos remained speechless until Spanish gendarmes stumbled upon him in the mountains and reintegrated him into society. The process of readjustment spanned several years, leading the now-adult Spaniard into a new chapter of his life.

Marcos ventured through various jobs and traveled from Madrid to Mallorca, yet he found no solace anywhere. Ultimately, a retired Galician policeman, Manuel Barandela, assumed guardianship of the “Mowgli.” While Marcos’ life became more serene, he never fully acclimated to civilization.

In 2010, director Gerardo Olivares crafted the film “Among the Wolves” depicting Marcos’ extraordinary life. Despite unexpected fame, Marcos chose to retreat to a small town, using his savings to purchase a house. Although he attempted to return to the mountains multiple times, the wolves did not accept the now-adult man.

Presently, Marcos resides in Rante, leading a retired life in his home. His days are spent watching television, and in the evenings, he frequents a local bar.

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