One day, a man believed that he had saved an ordinary hamster, but to his surprise, it turned out that it was a wild animal.

Norwegian journalist Sanna Berstad from local newspapers was given an unusual task. One day, a man named Jostein Hansen sent an email to the editor, saying he was looking for the owners of a hamster.

This man was walking his son to school as usual and on the way home he noticed a hamster on the snowy road. He decided to save the little animal and carefully placed it in the glove compartment of his car, after which he immediately wrote to the editor. Hansena’s daughter had a pet hamster, and as a caring father, he knew how sad it was for a child to lose his pet.

Thus, the journalist and the hamster’s rescuer met and ended up in a pet store, which was located not far from the place where the rodent was found. However, a real sensational discovery awaited them in the store: the animal that the man picked up turned out to be not a hamster or even a familiar animal!

An experienced pet store employee immediately recognized that this was in fact a wild Norwegian lemming. Such a kind man spent the whole day helping a stomach that didn’t really need his help. But you need to explain to this person that lemmings and hamsters have a healthy appearance.

Although the savior himself was a little embarrassed that he upset the entire editorial team, it was still a funny story! The man and the journalist released the lemming safely to where it was found. He was so surprised that he immediately ran away without looking back.

“This man did everything right,” said the pet store employee, revealing the true nature of the “hamster.” “He saw an animal that he thought needed help.”

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