A lady rescued a tiny chick, and this feathered friend has been sharing a home with a feline companion for a remarkable two years.

In 2019, Dave, a resident of Kauai, discovered a petite chick nestled in the grass. Despite its diminutive size, the male resident, unable to locate the nest or its mother, decided to bring the little bird home.

Upon arriving home, Dave introduced the chick to his wife, Carol, who formulated a plan to nurture and eventually release it. Carol diligently fed the chick with a syringe and provided warmth under a lamp. As months passed, the chick began to mature and would soon take flight.

Bestowed with the name Mr. Snuggles by Carol, the chick exhibited a peculiar affection for snuggling against her warm skin, often finding comfort nestled in her bra. As the bird grew, it established connections with other avian companions, with sparrows frequenting the yard’s nest box. Despite its newfound avian friendships, Mr. Snuggles maintained a unique bond with its human family.


Remarkably, the bird also formed an unlikely friendship with Maurice, a tomcat in the household. While the cat didn’t harbor a particular fondness for the bird, it refrained from any hostile behavior.

Over time, the bird adopted a routine, spending nights with Carol and Dave but venturing out to socialize with fellow birds during the day. Carol, though delighted by Mr. Snuggles’ sociable nature, harbored concerns each time it took flight, aware of its trusting disposition towards people and the potential risks it might encounter.

The enduring companionship between Carol and Mr. Snuggles has spanned two years, a surprising and heartwarming outcome from Dave’s initial act of bringing home a vulnerable chick.


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