The feline embarked on a 20-kilometer journey to reunite with its owners, only to discover they were no longer anticipating its arrival. What happened to the cat?

A feline named Tobbi, deeply affectionate and devoted to his owners, found himself falling short of their expectations. After seven years together, the owners made the heart-wrenching decision to part ways with Tobbi and handed him over to old friends. However, Tobbi’s quest for a sense of belonging took an unexpected turn when he eluded his new caretakers on the very first day.

With hopeful anticipation, Tobbi sprinted back to his original home, envisioning a warm welcome and believing he had merely been inadvertently overlooked during a gathering. To his dismay, upon reaching the familiar doorstep, he encountered silence, and the door remained closed.

The once-beloved cat ended up in a cat shelter, grappling with a sense of loss and confusion, unable to comprehend why he kept being cast aside and barred from returning home. Two days passed, bringing the harsh realization that his original owners were not coming back, leaving Tobbi in a melancholic state.


The owners, citing compatibility issues with other household animals, relinquished Tobbi to the care of a vet, who was astounded at how easily a pet could be discarded for such reasons. The vet, utilizing social media, shared Tobbi’s plight, hoping to garner support from a compassionate family.

On the very day of the social media post, a woman named Tati, moved by Tobbi’s story, visited the veterinary clinic with the intention of providing him with a loving and caring home. Through Tati, the vet sensed a commitment to ensuring Tobbi’s happiness and well-being.

Tati, a mother of two delightful daughters, welcomed Tobbi into their lives. With Tati’s family, Tobbi discovered the warmth of a large and loving household. Thriving each day, he displayed a vibrant and contented demeanor, no longer yearning for his previous owners or attempting to escape his newfound family.

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