While perusing old photographs of Loch Ness Lake, the photographer stumbled upon an unexpected revelation—a colossal creature’s silhouette prominently featured in one of the images.

An Irish photographer, Eoin O’Fagan, was organizing an archive of vintage Loch Ness photographs when he stumbled upon an intriguing discovery. As he scrutinized the images, he noticed an unusual silhouette resembling a massive creature. O’Fagan, delving into his expertise, endeavored to enhance the image and unveiled a discernible blur resembling a giant eel.

With a history of capturing images around the lake, O’Fagan has been a successful seller of photos and videos. To augment his observations, he recently installed multiple webcams along the lakeside. Intrigued by the peculiar photograph, O’Fagan decided to delve into the recorded footage.

“Recently, two compelling videos emerged. The initial one, around 20:13, depicted water ripples and a shadowy form beneath, lingering on the video for a four-minute span. A few days later, another camera near the shore captured a similar enigmatic shadow,” elucidates the Irishman.

These enigmatic silhouettes fortify the earlier hypothesis that a substantial creature inhabits Loch Ness. Contrary to the mythical plesiosaur notion, recent scientific findings indicated the presence of eel DNA in the lake about a year ago.

“While plesiosaur DNA remains elusive, traces of eel DNA are abundant. It is plausible that a mutated member of this species, potentially spanning several meters, has been a longstanding resident of the lake,” conveys Professor Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago.


The true nature of what the Irish photograph captured remains a mystery. However, this video indirectly substantiates the existence of a living entity within the lake.


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