Entranced by the enticing advertisements, the woman took the plunge and purchased a house in Italy for a mere €1. However, it wasn’t until two years later that she meticulously calculated the

Rubia Daniels came across an online advertisement promoting houses in Italy at the unbelievable price of just 1 euro. Intrigued by the offer, she took the plunge, paid the stipulated amount, and obtained the necessary paperwork for the house. However, it wasn’t until two years later that she truly grasped the actual cost of the renovations.

Eager to enlighten others about the reality behind the seemingly affordable 1 euro houses, Rubia decided to share her insights. The property in question was located in Mussomeli, Sicily, a small town where, since 2018, Italian authorities have been employing the strategy of selling houses for 1 euro. The catch is that buyers are required to refurbish the property before residing in it.

Understanding these intricacies, Rubia recognized the significant effort and financial investment required for the renovations. Despite initially obtaining a somewhat dilapidated house, she found the town itself, with a population of 10,000, to be charming.


“It was a laborious process. This approach contributes to the revitalization of Italy’s small towns, and I was prepared to contribute,” remarked Rubia.

The renovation stretched over two years, and only towards the end did Rubia fully comprehend the extent of her expenditures. A 5,000 euro deposit, repayable within three years if the repairs were completed, was part of the deal. An additional 12,000 euros were spent on materials and interior design, with the majority—20,000 euros—going towards workers’ salaries.

Consequently, the actual cost of the 1 euro house amounted to 60,000 euros, which, all things considered, is a reasonable sum for a substantial house in Sicily.

Rubia aspires that her account will serve as a valuable guide for others contemplating similar ventures, aiding them in better planning and understanding the associated expenses.

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