The photographer asserts that a hidden hare is present in the photograph, yet its elusive presence remains unnoticed by observers.

A photograph shared by a National Geographic artist bears the caption “there’s undoubtedly a hare here,” yet all that’s captured in the image is a decaying stump. Despite the elusive hare escaping the notice of viewers, the photographer insists that a keen eye will reveal its immediate presence.

The accompanying image appears entirely unaltered, showcasing natural colors without excessive contrast. This perhaps adds to the challenge of spotting the purported hare.

Within a day of its online circulation, the photo sparked widespread discussion. Many commenters requested pinpointing the hare’s hiding spot, while others remained convinced that the hare was never part of the original photo, dismissing the photographer’s claim as a jest.

However, the elusive hare is indeed present in the photograph. A closer examination reveals its camouflage:

What adds an intriguing twist to this tale is that the same photographer, approximately a year ago, engaged in a similar playful deception. Back then, he asserted the presence of a leopard in a photo, and upon careful scrutiny, the creature could indeed be found:

The forest’s ability to conceal a hare is among the most effective, explaining the initial difficulty in spotting it.

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