A woman noticed a “dark refuse bag” in the vicinity of the highway and decided to approach it.

During Shena’s daily commute to work, she enjoys gazing at the expansive blueberry fields lining the highway. Amidst the picturesque scenery, she frequently spots discarded garbage bags near the roadside, and occasionally, encounters coyotes patrolling the vicinity.

However, one day, Shena’s routine took an unexpected turn when she noticed a particularly suspicious bag, later dubbed a “black trash bag.” Initially hesitant, her instincts urged her to investigate further. Along the bustling road, she discovered a solitary black dog nestled within the blueberry bushes.

“In that moment, I was taken aback,” Shena recalled. “Her eyes met mine, and a sense of relief washed over me.”

Approaching cautiously to avoid startling the timid dog, Shena called out, though the traffic noise made communication challenging. Observing an injury, with one leg hanging at an unusual angle, she recognized the urgency of seeking help. The distrustful dog, however, began to flee, evoking concern in Shena.


“I feared losing her, leaving her alone and frightened,” Shena recounted. Fueled by worry, she sprinted through the blueberry field, scanning rows for any sign of the elusive canine.

After what felt like an eternity, Shena spotted the dog again. Using a bag from her car, she fashioned a makeshift leash and carefully approached, successfully coaxing the dog away.

Transporting the injured puppy to RAPS Animal Hospital, veterinarians treated the broken leg. As time progressed, it became evident that Shena couldn’t bear to part with her newfound companion. She aptly named the dog Blueberry, in homage to the serendipitous meeting spot.

A year following this heartwarming rescue, Shena documented Blueberry’s journey in a video, capturing their remarkable bond and the dog’s recovery, which you can view here.


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