Dina has spent the past few days perched beneath the window of her apartment, unaware that the landlord no longer intends to reach out to her.

Do animals comprehend the abandonment by their owners, left to face an uncertain fate? It’s highly probable that they grasp the situation, yet their unwavering loyalty often leads them to hold onto the belief that their owners will eventually return. This was the poignant experience for Dean.

Dean had once reveled in happiness with her owner, Andre, who had adopted her when she was just a puppy. However, a shift occurred in Andre’s life, causing him to neglect the once cherished dog. Despite being the one who brought Dean home, fed her, and took care of her, Andre had now forgotten the essential responsibilities of walking and feeding her. He vanished for days, leaving Dean stranded in the yard.

Undeterred, Dean patiently awaited Andre’s return, refusing to stray or abandon her post. During his absence, she would approach neighbors and passersby, seeking scraps of food to sustain herself. With even a modest meal, Dean would fall silent, sparing the local residents any distress. Unfortunately, Andre remained oblivious to Dean’s plight.

Seated by the inn, Dean gazed at the room windows, clinging to hope that her owner would eventually acknowledge her presence and extend the care she so desperately craved.

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