They confined the small canine within a container, securely sealing it with adhesive tape, and callously tossed the sealed box onto the roadway.

The petite canine found itself confined within the confines of a box, its size barely allowing for any movement. The cardboard enclosure, meticulously sealed with tape, hinted at a deliberate effort to deprive the helpless puppy of any chance of escape.

The reasons behind the little dog’s unfortunate predicament remain shrouded in mystery, leaving us to wonder how it earned such a grim fate and who could subject it to such conditions. Fragile and diminutive, the puppy lacked the means to defend itself.

Within the confines of the box, the plaintive cries of the small dog echoed, a desperate plea for assistance. Over time, the vitality drained from the canine, and the air within the enclosure dwindled.

Life slipped away from the little dog, its existence fading gradually.

The subdued whimpers of the diminutive creature reached compassionate ears, prompting its removal from the confining box. Weighing less than a kilogram, the small white dog remained silent, perhaps too feeble to vocalize its distress or apprehensive about the unknown intentions of humans.

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