For two decades, the woman had neglected to tidy up her home, yet astonishingly, it maintained a pristine appearance. It wasn’t until she retired that she finally unveiled the mystery behind this seemingly perpetual cleanliness.

For two decades, Francis Gabe’s home remained untouched by conventional cleaning methods. Visitors marveled at the perpetually pristine rooms, oblivious to the ingenious secret behind this apparent magic. It wasn’t until retirement that the truth emerged, revealing a brilliance worthy of acclaim.

Francis, a graduate of Polytechnic College, possessed a keen understanding of physics and mechanics from a young age. Supporting her family financially since the age of 23, she upheld a simple request: maintain cleanliness within the household. Cleaning was never her passion, a sentiment not shared by her husband, leading to their eventual parting. As the children grew and left the nest, Francis remained steadfast in her aversion to traditional cleaning routines.

Instead, she harnessed her scientific knowledge to revolutionize household maintenance. Since 1979, she bid farewell to vacuums and rags, yet her home retained its immaculate state. Curiosity surrounded her method, but Francis remained tight-lipped.

In retirement, the secret finally emerged—a house ingeniously engineered as a colossal dishwasher. At the push of a button, nozzles sprang to life, delivering detergents through concealed pipes within the walls. Specially angled floors directed water seamlessly to drainage points, swiftly whisking away grime. Hot air then commenced the drying process, completing the choreography of cleanliness.

Adapting furniture and walls to this innovative system became a necessity for Francis.


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