Transformed into a cozy abode, the aging bus now serves as a charming home for the couple, complete with a fully equipped bathroom and a stylish dressing room.

After harboring the desire for quite some time, Charlie McVicar and Luke Walker finally realized their dream by purchasing an old double-decker bus for a mere $3,000. With their creativity and determination, they turned it into a lavish home boasting a fully equipped kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, a spacious dressing room, and even a compact office space.

Given the unconventional dimensions of their new abode, the couple opted for custom-made furniture to maximize the use of space efficiently. To ensure comfort during chilly evenings, they installed electric radiators throughout the interior, complemented by the cozy warmth of a wood stove nestled within the confines of their unique home.

Toutes les réparations ont duré environ un an. La famille était soutenue par des parents et des amis qui les aidaient. Le couple a deux chèvres qui peuvent paître près de la maison.

« Nous voulions vivre ensemble mais ne pas payer cher pour louer un appartement – et maintenant nous avons trouvé la bonne solution », explique Charlie.

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