As the gentleman rearranged the furniture, his attention was drawn to the floor, where he noticed boards arranged in a manner reminiscent of a hatch.

Christopher Towne visited a friend’s residence to assist with preparations for upcoming renovations.


Chris’s buddy had long harbored plans for a modest revamp of an antiquated dwelling. As the work crew commenced the task of lifting the cabinet, they discerned a slight sag in the boards beneath, hinting at the presence of an existing hatch.

Unbeknownst to the new owner, the house harbored a concealed basement, information withheld by the previous occupants. Once the wooden lining was removed, the stone tunnel revealed itself, descending into darkness for several meters.

With the aid of a flashlight, it became evident that the well’s bottom had been impacted. The realization that something lay within the stone corridor temporarily eclipsed the renovation task. Only through the deployment of an exceptionally lengthy rope were they able to reach the water-filled abyss at the base.

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