An old grandmother tried to cross the road, but no one gave way to her

The group of teenage boys enthusiastically embraced the weekend tradition of rollerblading and cycling in the centrally located park. Amidst their recreational activities, they often captured footage of various impressive cars on their phones and documented their own adventures. One day, however, their casual recording inadvertently documented an unsettling incident involving an unscrupulous driver and an elderly woman, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

Amid the serene setting of the park, an elderly woman strolled leisurely along the sidewalk, occasionally attending to her own affairs. As she approached a crossroads and paused, presumably to take a moment’s respite, an opulent Mercedes careened towards her at an alarming speed. The young driver, displaying improper and uncivilized behavior, leaned towards the elderly woman, attempting to convey something to her. Bystanders observed the unfolding scene, bewildered by the situation. It was revealed that the elderly woman simply intended to cross the road, but the impetuous young driver lacked the patience to allow her passage. The incident underscored a growing concern about the diminishing respect that today’s youth often displays towards the elderly, emphasizing the need for greater patience and courtesy.

Undeterred by the discourteous behavior, the resourceful and humorous grandmother decided to teach the young man a lesson while eliciting laughter from onlookers. Upon realizing that the young driver was unwilling to yield and had criticized her for crossing the road too slowly, she devised a clever plan. Purposefully, she slowed her pace even more. Approaching the boy’s car, she deftly used her bag to set off the alarm, triggering the airbag to deploy. The boy found himself wedged between the steering wheel and the car seat, creating a comical spectacle that amused the witnesses. Many recorded the incident and shared it on social networks, causing the video to go viral and garner widespread attention. Commenters not only expressed disapproval of the young driver’s behavior but also found humor in the absurd predicament he had unwittingly placed himself in.


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