For fun, little children caught a stray dog, put it in a box, closed the box and threw it into the water. Fortunately…

One gloomy day, an unexpected shadow appeared over the happy world of a little dog. A group of mischievous hooligans decided to play a heartless prank. They grabbed the dog and placed it in a strong container, sealing it tightly with tape. The innocent dog wagged his tail, unaware of the cruel fate that awaited him.

The heartless gang callously threw the locked box into the river.

Miraculously, the box landed near the outskirts of the village, where it was found by a kind-hearted girl named Lilia. Lily, with her heightened sense of compassion, heard the dog’s desperate barking and rushed to his aid. He carefully opened the box, freeing the dog from his paws.
The dog got wet and was very scared. When Lily opened the box, he started barking. The little boy was so scared that he tried to run away from the heartless people. But because he was too weak, he could not run far. Lily hurried after him, hugged him and took him home.
Lily began to take care of him; she loved her dog very much. The dog gradually began to believe and love his new friend. After a while he was full of energy again and was not afraid of Lily. They became close friends, and this time the dog was sure that he would never be tortured.

We should all make sure our children are kind. So that they don’t torment our little friends. Dogs are our friends and do not deserve such cruelty. This story could have had a completely different outcome. The little dog could simply drown in the river.

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