This elderly grandmother, Eliza, was left alone and neglected by her children. A stranger began to take care of him. And after the wife’s death, her children appeared and began to claim their mother’s property, but Eliza…

Once upon a time, in a sad and gloomy town, there lived an old woman named Eliza. He spent most of his life in a small hut on the edge of the forest, surrounded by the whisper of the wind and the rustling of leaves. Eliza was known for her kindness and gentle spirit, but she lived alone and spent her days alone. Her children refused to take care of their mother, and her husband died.

One fateful day, a man named Henry with a kind heart met Eliza while walking in the park. He noticed her old clothes and felt the loneliness hanging in the air. Eliza liked him immediately, and he invited Eliza to his place for tea.

To Eliza’s surprise, Henry’s house was very large, with a large garden and a cheerful atmosphere. The family welcomed the guest with open arms, offering delicious treats. Eliza liked this family so much that she felt something that she had not felt for a long time. Family warmth. Henry invited Eliza to stay and live with them in this house. Eliza initially refused. But then they convinced him for a long time and he agreed. Henry became Eliza’s guardian, attending to her every need with unwavering compassion.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Eliza and Henry formed a unique bond. It was a friendship based on trust, mutual understanding and shared stories. Eliza blossomed under Henry’s tutelage, and the loneliness that once surrounded her began to dissipate. He treated Henry like his own son.
So Eliza had children and grandchildren. He began to love all the members of this family immensely.

Eliza’s love knew no bounds for the children she accepted into her life. The once lonely old woman has become the grandmother of a vibrant, loving family.

A few years later, when Eliza died, her biological children came and began to claim Eliza’s house from Henry and his family. However, Eliza mentioned in her will that she bequeathed her house and all her property to Henry, since Henry was the only person who cared for her.
Do you think Eliza did the right thing?

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