This woman ditched the traditional home and built herself a tiny home on wheels for just $9,000.

The story of Rita Marie Carr is a story of transformation that will certainly interest many.

Living in Denver, Colorado, he was immersed in the city’s transformation while working hard at an engineering firm.
His only route was from his home in a multi-story building to his workplace.

However, he did not really like this life.

After some time, Rita began working remotely and began living in her Wrangler jeep.

This experience was amazing.

The freedom of open roads, ever-changing landscapes, new beautiful and exciting places, and the ability to work anywhere made him question the validity of his previous lifestyle.

It was during this stage of his life that he came up with the idea of a more permanent mobile home.
He bought himself a Wilbur bus.

Over three years, with a budget of about $9,000, Rita transformed this car into a comfortable, small, and beautiful living space.

Ingenuity was very important. Rita began recycling materials.
According to Rita, Wilbur’s many doors are not only functional, but also symbolic of his many adventures.
However, an accident occurred and the doors of Rita’s bus were broken, after which Rista decided to replace the doors with glass ones.
These doors gave the small apartment another new modernity.

The house also has a special side door that leads to another wonderful place…
Natural shower
Rita’s outdoor shower, her favorite spot, is a testament to her strong love of nature.

“There is something magical and indescribably beautiful about showering outdoors,” Rita often remarks.

No matter where Rita’s beautiful cabin is parked, in the desert or somewhere scenic, her shower is always refreshing.
His camper bus also has a small space specifically for art. There Rita immerses herself in her art.

With Wilbur, Rita has the opportunity to draw, create, and let her soul create.

Efficiency is very important for a tiny house. Thus, Rita’s living space serves a dual purpose.
In addition to all this, Rita has two dogs. On his bus, he has one room that serves as a living room during the day and turns into a bedroom at night, where his two dogs also sleep.

Rita also has a kitchen, and every corner of it tells a story.

But the most special place is the innovative sink.

Rita abandoned the traditional version of cranes, which was quite problematic for the bus. Rita loved the clear glass container and small bucket.

While Wilbur serves as home, the Jeep Wrangler remains an integral part of Rita’s journey.

Wherever Rita goes, Jeep remains her reliable assistant.

For those who want to witness the life and details of Rita’s mobile home, you can watch the video below.

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