This young man sings amazingly like Whitney Houston.

Many people love to sing Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Have Nothing,” but not everyone can sing all the notes that Houston herself could sing. But Johnny Manuel is not like the rest.
Johnny was tentatively invited to join NSYNC on tour, but his performances were never successful.


At the beginning of the performance, Johnny bravely spoke to the jury, telling his life story and his goals for the future in singing. “When I was a teenager, I dreamed of seeing the stars, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I really hope this show will help me discover my true personality and share my music with the world,” he told the judges. Johnny’s rendition of “I Have Nothing” really wowed all the judges.

After the last note of the song, the judges and audience stood to give him a well-deserved ovation.
You can watch Johnny’s full speech in the video below.


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